“Clown (2014)” Film Review

“Clown (2014)” Film Review

clown2 eli-roth

The movie Clown is about a father that find an old clown costume that he puts on for his son’s birthday party and then he finds out that this clown suit isn’t really a costume. Things go crazy from there and gore and violence ensue. People who are scared of clowns, beware!

So this movie is a film PRODUCED BY ELI ROTH, not directed as the marketing has led people to believe. It is directed by Jon Watts and written by Jon Watts. This movie is easy to enjoy, it is gory, graphic, and uses some great practical effects. Horror fans enjoy!

The performances were good, I can’t say great but the things that really stand out are the practical effects. The transformation of the father into this killer, demonic clown is great and they made it look so cool. The story is pretty simple but, they actually built a mythology around this concept which was actually interesting. The movie’s pacing is off, in the first 30 minutes if feels like one whole movie and by the time you look there is still another hour left and it keeps going. This movie is too long, but not long because of character development instead it trades that in for the killing of kids, and to tell the audience about the mythology of the clown and it becomes the wife’s movie essentially as she is the heroine of this movie.

There are some good effects, cool mythology, good mythology, great idea, and this movie is a lot of fun, it goes full blast with the gore and has minimal jump scares instead choosing to scare the audience with the transformation build up. Overall this is an enjoyable horror film that seemed like a better idea that the movie led me to believe. Still its worth a watch if you’re in a horror movie mood.


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