“A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” Film Review

“A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” Film Review

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Let me begin by saying, “Holy Shit!”. There I got that out of the way. This movie called “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” is an Iranian movie, it is subtitled, and it is NOW streaming on Netflix. It is directed by Ana Lily Armipour and is a refreshing take on the Vampire genre. This is a Vampire-Horror-Western-Romance-genre bender of a film and it is brilliant.

The film is a slow burn and does a great job of world building and the black and white throwback look adds great dimension to it and gives it a timeless feel. When I was watching this movie I felt as if I was watching a vampire movie that had elements of a western movie, a greaser-throwback film all thrown together to produce a smart horror movie and we need more of these! This is how you do a vampire movie right and just proves that foreign films are churning out superior quality horror films, a thing that the U.S. just doesn’t understand how to do right. The cast is small and this lets you delve deep into their lives and all the characters have dimensions to them, they are flushed out and you can really feel for them when things happen.

There is a villain in the movie, that the movie does a good job on convincing the audience to hate and this is all due to the script and also the acting. The vampire in this film is portrayed with such an innocence, it is a new take because she is displayed as almost a biblical plague in this Sodom-and-Gomorrah of a city. They hit it a little on the nose by the characters calling the city called Bad City.

The stories that are developed are between the villain and the protagonist named Arash, and the Vampire who is this young mysterious girl. The other dynamic is between Arash and his father, who is a junkie, so it is a coming of age film in that sense, and all the characters still keep some mystery in it.

I highly recommend this film for all film lovers, horror fans and those looking to expand their foreign film exposure.


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