Green Flash’s Symposium IPA Beer Review

Green Flash’s Symposium IPA Beer Review


Green Flash’s Symposium IPA is delicious. I’ll start by saying that, now to the review. This beer comes in at 7% ABV and 75 IBU’s. The appearance of this beer is claimed to be a copper hued IPA and that it is. It has a golden tint to it as well so it looks like so inviting to drink. The head is an off-white, egg-white color but, pillowy as hell! It looks like the head of a stout more than an IPA and has great lacing so this is a quality beer. This beer’s aroma has a hint of citrusy-sweetness to it but it is very subtle and you definitely get the hops in loads when you take the first whiff of this IPA. The taste is something different altogether because it is a light-bodied beer, has a dry finish and a lingering after taste that isn’t unpleasant and the bitterness is not overpowering. Overall the Symposium IPA is a very well brewed beer that is great for those that do not like to push the limits of IBU’s and do not like a heavy beer. I highly recommend this beer and am happy to say that Green Flash has not yet disappointed me and that is a great thing.



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