Avery Brewing Beer Reviews 1 & 2

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I had the Out of Bounds Stout and the India Pale Ale by Avery Brewing today.

The Out Bounds Stout is brewed with roasted barley and some hops. This beer’s aroma is reflective of that because the aroma exudes the roastyness of the barley and has some chocolate notes. The appearance is a dark brown but, not black. I It is like a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate and this beer is just as smooth. The taste is of roasty barley, subtle hops and silky smooth chocolate. It is so enjoyable to drink.

The India Pale Ale, this is brewed with a citrus and floral bouquet of hops. Yet, in aroma I didn’t much of either, the aroma was very subtle. Maybe it was just me. The appearance is a golden color with a copper tint and a nice off-white head. It did have some head retention as well. The taste was so great! It had the right amount of hops and the citrus popped and zinged in the flavor of this classic IPA. I would definitely recommend this beer.


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