Smog City Tasting

Smog City Tasting

DSCN0047 DSCN0048

So these are pictures of the Ed drinking his Smog City Coffee Porter & I (drinking the Smog City Hoptonic IPA) and they were both simply delicious.

The Coffee Porter comes in at a a 6% ABV

A- Dark brown, nearly black body. It’s quite dark. It had about a 1-inch head at first pour and after the first taste the head retention is okay.

S- Rich roasted coffee with a bit of dark fruit aspect; milk chocolate, roasted malt. Very robust nose with pleasing aromatics for the coffee. It smells like a fresh cup of espresso in the morning.

T- Milk chocolate, roasted coffee, has some sweetness but not much, and roast malt that balances out the coffee bean bitterness a bit. Robust flavors, reasonable balance even though the coffee is the dominant flavor.

O- Very nice drinking coffee porter. Nice richness and robust roast from the coffee that meshes quite well with the base porter. I would recommend this to any fan of dark beers and it is definitely for coffee lovers!

The Hoptonic IPA comes in at ABV: 7.3% 

A- Nice dark golden color that lets you know that it is an IPA. The clarity is there, and as for carbonation there wasn’t much upon first pour. It was served in a standard pint glass.

S- The smell is amazing! Smells like a floral notes and citrus but with a big punch of hops. Lets you know that you are drinking an IPA.

T- The taste is so fresh. It goes down smooth considering how hoppy this IPA is and it is very refreshing. It has a good ABV so I wouldn’t recommend drinking many of these on a summer day.

O- overall this beer is refreshing, hoppy in the best way possible. I would recommend this beer to anyone who is looking for a big punch of hops, flora aroma but, doesn’t have that strong bitterness and dryness because of how smooth it is.


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