Phantom Carriage Reveiw

Phantom Carriage Reveiw

Bottles at Phantom CarriagePhantom Carriage Beers Phantom Carriage Sour Beers Sour Beers Phantom Carriage Beers Phantom Carriage Phantom Carriage

entrance to the Phantom Carriage Brewery is so unassuming.

entrance to the Phantom Carriage Brewery is so unassuming.

Bottles at Phantom Carriage

So Edgore and I had a chance to visit the newly opened Phantom Carriage in Carson, CA. This bar specializes in Sour Beers and they also sell chilled bottles in a bottle section as well as wine and spirits. This bar is a horror themed bar and have a built in theater where they host movie showings on some nights and the decor is rustic and surrounded by bourbon barrels.

As for the selection of beers we got to taste, we tasted three beers: 1st the Coconut Dolores, The Ambler and finally the Ratbone.

1st: The Coconut Dolores is a Saison/Farmhouse Ale that clocks in at a 7%ABV. It has that light sour taste to it and also a sweetness coming from the coconut and a vanilla note to it. It goes down a lot smoother than the other beers we had.

2nd: The Ambler is an Farmhouse/Amber Ale that clocks in at a 6.8%ABV and it a smooth amber ale, that has a small head, amber appearance and a fruity taste as well as accompanied by a slight tartness.

3rd: We had the Ratbone that clocks in at a 8.1%ABV and is a Dark Sour ale and is everything its name suggests. The beer is sour to the max and almost tastes like a mix between a wine and a concentrated cranberry juice. It is very astringent and abrasive and not appealing to the average beer drinker. It is served in only a sampler size of 4 oz and this is rightly so, as any other size would be off-putting and not appropriate for the flavor of this beer.

Overall the selection of this bar, The Phantom Carriage is great for its infancy, and its decor is great, atmosphere inviting but, its dark lighting is a huge contrast to the outside world if you come during the day.

Big tip: come during the night because the transition is much more pleasant and minimal as the lighting goes, so you will not be blinded


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