Beer Fest

Beer Fest


This movie is NOT steaming on Netflix, Hulu or HBOGO,but it is a side splitting character who was pretty  good.  This movie is entertaining for the avid beer drinker or the occasional beer drinker. It is outrageous fun and just what you would expect from the Broken Lizard gang. This has to be a staple in a beer drinkers movie repertoire. It is ridiculous, it is what you expect from Broken Lizard but it has a cult following in the beer community.

If you look at this movie and just enjoy it as a spoof then you will enjoy it but if you are looking for a witty, smart comedy this is not the movie for you. I recommend you watch with a group of friends, specifically those who love beer, and have a couple beers to imbibe while you watch it. It will make it that much more an event.


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