“While We’re Young” Film Review

“While We’re Young” Film Review


I just watched the movie “While We’re Young”, the movie is fun, entertaining and Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts have great chemistry. Amanda and Adam have okay chemistry but, I couldn’t shake the over-emphasis of their characters being the ultimate hipster couple and it bothered me. Three-quarters of the movie was great, engaging and kept me interested in these people’s stories and with that you get a lot of laughs throughout the first half, especially. The movie focuses on playing on the age difference between the protagonists, Stiller and Watts and the odd couple of Driver and Seyfried, and how the older couple wants to recapture their youth and get out of the rut they were stuck in.

All of their friends that are the same age are having kids and starting families while, Stiller and Watts lives are staying the same, and this is the main problem they are facing. To go against what everyone else is doing or accept the fact that they are aging. This problem is cleverly presented but, there is a subplot that didn’t work for me and I feel took away from the film as a whole and feel as though it was all set up for Stiller’s character to deliver a speech during the last 20 minutes of the movie that sums up the movie perfectly.

Overall the movie is enjoyable, funny and the performances aren’t great but, they are entertaining and that’s what a movie like this should be as well as making you think about the question, “What is this current generation all about and why is it so different to the previous generations?” This movie certainly makes you question that and more and that’s why I recommend you seek out this independent film.


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