6 Flight Craft Beer Review @ BUZZ Wine and Beer Shop

6 Flight Craft Beer Review @ BUZZ Wine and Beer Shop

Here, I review 6 beers that I tasted at the bar located within BUZZ’s Wine and Beer Shop in the heart of DTLA. When you walk in directly to your left is a cooler area where there is a myriad of craft beers and on your right are stacks upon stacks of boxed beers. As you make you way to the back area of BUZZ’s you can see their wine selection, which I am not a fan of so there is quite a bias, but after that you finally hit the bar area. To begin, the bar is a small bar with a great selection of different craft beers on tap, and they have the option of buying individual beers, flights of 4 or 6. This flight option, is what I went with so I can try the best beers they had to offer that night.

  1. La Follie (Lips of Faith) by New Belgium Brewing Company: this beer was surprisingly sour, had a strong smell of cherry and that can be overwhelming at first to the average beer drinker but, when you get past that initial aroma the taste is quite complex. Hints of cherry of course, tartness follows and lingers on the tongue and the color this brew is a dark gold color. Overall the beer itself is good to drink on its own, or as your first beer of the night, does not go well after you drink a dark beer, so maybe get an amber ale or golden ale first and then follow it up by La Follie.
  2. Breakfast by MOA Brewing Company: This beer was very sweet, out of the 6 beers on the flight was my least favorite. If you like dark beers or hoppy beers this beer is not for you. I do not recommend you try it but, is worth a try if not just out of shear curiosity.
  3. Black IPA: I couldn’t remember what brewery this was from, so I apologize for that. The beer was so smooth, mildly hoppy, the aroma was smokey and had a hint of a whiskey/bourbon barrel aged notes, and the color is what you would expect from a black IPA–black as night. I highly recommend this Black IPA.
  4. Hammerland DIPA by El Segundo Brewing Company: This is the latest beer to come out of El Segundo. My favorite beers they have are the Hyperion Vanilla Stout and the Standard Crude. This new Double IPA is really hoppy and surprisingly smooth. The color of it a darker golden color which is typical of IPA’s. The aroma had notes of fruitiness, sweetness and almost like an orange-like note. So, so good and it a beer I can highly recommend.
  5. Galactica by Clown Shoes: This IPA was delicious! A great way to begin your night, it is an Imperial/Double IPA and has a serious amount of hops, so if you do like hoppy beers this is for you! The aroma was hoppy, had some citrus notes but very slight and the color was darker than your average IPA. Overall a great IPA but, nothing seriously special and unique about it.
  6. Sweet Crude Stout on Nitro by Beach City Brewery: This stout was delicious and with the inclusion of adding Nitro to it opened up the flavors even more and made it absolutely smooth to drink. The dark, chocolate/cocoa color of the beer is misleading as well is the aroma which has strong hints of chocolate and toffee and when you taste it, it runs down your throat so smoothly. It still has all the tastes of a dark stout except without some of the creaminess that other stouts have. I highly recommend this stout but, this might be one of the stouts that would probably taste better if it were not on Nitro.

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