“It Follows” Movie Review

“It Follows” Movie Review
A modern horror classic!

It Follows–A modern horror classic starring Maika Monroe

It Follows, is a movie about a curse or supernatural force that follows its victims after they engage in sexual intercourse with a carrier of the curse. This curse could be seen as a metaphor for an STD it the way it makes its victims behave, the stigma they feel, and the feeling of being dirty. This film takes that notion to the extreme and in doing so, have created a retro-horror classic for a new generation.

As far as the narrative of the film, the only flaw was that there was not enough explanation as to how the affliction works, the rules of it. Other than that, the story was simple but effective in an atmospheric horror movie, one where the sense of dread is always looming over the characters and in turn has an effect on its audience. The stand out performance was given by Maika Monroe; she really sells the movie, makes us believe she is fearful and terrified of this affliction, that there is no escaping it, and that she is tormented by her decision; but I cannot say the same about the other cast members–they were flat, one note characters.

Overall, the film is brilliant, inventive, inspired, an ode to 80’s classic horror films such as: Halloween and Nightmare on Elm St., and the direction, cinematography, and Maika Monroe were all perfection in regards to “It Follows”.

I highly recommend this movie and implore you to go seek it out and support independent films.


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