Nightbreed (1990). The second film from director Clive Barker and is based on his novela called Cabal

Let’s talk about Nightbreed, the second film from Clive Barker that is a monster movie from 1990. The positives of the movie are: the practical effects, the make-up of the monsters; each one of the monsters has its own personality and distinct look, and Barker creates the world of Midian; the story is simple but, the film has some themes of xenophobia, can have sociological ideas even though it is first and foremost a monster movie.

The negatives of the movie are the simplicity of the film, the performances aren’t great, the best performance is by the Doctor Decker/Killer played by David Cronenberg. His villain was so chilling, so cold and compelling. My only complaint about his character is we don’t get more about his motivations behind hunting the Nightbreed and specifically Boone. The other negative’s were the performance by the actress who plays Laurie, Boone’s girlfriend, she is okay but, in a monster movie how good can you be?

This movie overall is worth a watch if you like horror movies and monster movies or if you find yourself bored and want to kill two hours. This movie is long, and the edition on Netflix is the Director’s Cut so it does have more footage than the original cut.


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