“The One I Love” Movie Review

Starring: Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss as a couple with their marriage on the brink of divorce who go to a vacation to fix it and things aren’t at all what they seem here

This independent romantic film, for lack of a better label, is written by the Duplass brothers and stars Mark Duplass as the stubborn, un-attentive cheating husband to Elisabeth Moss’ character, who herself isn’t so pleasant. This couple, after an incident of cheating seeks marriage counseling and their counselor recommends this resort or vacation home as a last resort to fix their marriage. When they arrive is beautiful and full of possibilities and when they stumble upon the guest house, on the grounds, things really start to get interesting. The guest house is a sort of portal into a mirror dimension where a mirror image of their partner inhabits the house but, it isn’t quite their partner, it is a “better” version of them.

After this discovery and they begin to explore the true nature of this phenomenon is where the dilemma lies. Do they want to be with their actual significant others or instead, stay with these improved copies. Duplass’ dialogue is excellent, the script works in all the ways necessary and the direction of the film leads it to be so charming, interesting and has a “twilight zone” feel to it. This movie takes the romantic comedy and turns it on its head and asks the difficult question, if you could have a better version of your husband/wife would you stay with them or stay in a sinking ship of a marriage.

I highly recommend this movie which you can find on Netflix.


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