“Mean Creek” Movie Review

Mean Creek is an independent movie starring Rory Culkin, and Josh Peck. It is directed by Jacob Aaron Estes.

This film, Mean Creek, is a story centered around a boy, played by Rory Culkin, getting revenge on his school bully, played by Josh Peck, and is an independent drama with a young cast.

The beginning of the movie sets up the simple plot of the story, getting revenge on a bully. It is the location of the film that is beautiful, Rory Culkin’s performance which is great for how young he was at the time, and the supporting cast altogether that makes it for a film worth watching on Netflix. The film captures innocence, guilt, remorse and the reactions that these kids would actually have given the circumstances all culminating with the finale.

The parts that don’t really work is that it gives us too much about Culkin’s older brother in the film and his friends, and yes, it is necessary for the pivotal moment in the film, but they could have done it a different way to focus more on the main character. Josh Peck does well to make you hate him in the beginning, make you feel sorry for him in the second act, and then he flips a switch that makes you feel the guilt that the character’s feel when an incident happens to Peck’s character.

Overall it is a great film and I highly recommend it and it can be found on Netflix.


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