“MALL” film by Mr. Hahn of Linkin Park, Movie Review

The directorial debut from Joseph Hahn of the band Linkin Park

So I caught this movie on Netflix, “Mall”, which is Joe Hahn’s directorial debut. To begin, the movie looks like one long music video and the effects took away from the story. Thats another thing, the story was weak, the dialogue was trying to hard to be intellectual and all the characters were unlikable, and seemed like ideas of people rather than real people. All in all. I respect his effort and I saw what he wanted to go for but it failed in my opinion.

I would recommend this film to fans of Linkin Park’s but, not to fans of film because it lacks narrative, lacks true flushed out characters and you cannot feel empathy for what the characters go through in the film. If you see this on Netflix, you can pass it.


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