“Life Itself” Documentary Review

This documentary about the life of Roger Ebert, based on his book by the same name, was simply inspiring. The director, Steve James, gave us an in depth look into the life of such a well respect, influential figure in the film industry. He has inspired countless film critics and writers, and has inspired me to begin writing this blog. This is my first entry, and I cannot think of a better way to begin it by review this documentary.

The film is loaded with personal information about Ebert, a look into his family life when he was young, his beginnings as a writer and film critic in Chicago, and a great deal about his declining health. They also showed his family life with Chaz, who he said saved his life and inspired and motivating him to keep going despite the battle with cancer, that at he ultimately lost. My only criticism of this documentary is that it did not delve enough into the art of film criticism that he, along with Gene Siskel, helped legitimize and made accessible to the general public.

I highly recommend this documentary for any and all film lovers, film geeks, and if you find yourself looking for something to watch on Netflix


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